Block Walls Canberra

Retaining Wall Block Canberra – Coloured and Textured Blocks.

Block Walls/ Retaining Wall Block in Canberra can be used to reclaiming sloped land, level a yard reducing erosion and even creating feature garden walls, planter boxes and veggie patches. Concrete retaining walls are ideal for building soil retaining walls in a mix of contemporary colours and textures.

Concrete blocks come in a selection of contemporary colour and textures creating impressive landscapes that are durable with lasting appeal. Masonry blocks are ideal for building structural retaining walls.

Retaining Walls Canberra is your local contractor in the supply and construction of retaining block walls. Our clients are home owners, renovators and construction companies with a property interests in Canberra.

Typical Concrete Block Wall: Retaining wall Blocks Canberra Concrete retaining walls in Canberra

  • Retaining walls 400mm and above must have a footing
  • Footings – Compacted base or concrete
  • 200mm wide of aggregate behind wall for drainage
  • Drainage line behind wall (agi line)
  • Interlocked or mortared blocks
  • Mortared or glued capping blocks

Retaining Walls under 800mm in height.

  • Walls up to 400mm high bedded on 70mm of mortar
  • Retaining walls up to 800mm are on a compacted road base footing and bedded on 70mm of mortar.
  • On slopping ground block walls use a concrete footings and blocks bedded on 70mm of mortar.
  • Engineered walls.

Retaining Walls over 800mm:

  • Engineered blocks
  • Engineered walls
  • Retaining walls above 800mm in hight are on a concrete footing.
  • Concrete footing the first blocks are bedded on 20mm of mortar.
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