Rock Walls

Rock Walls Canberra retaining walls of any size, from design to constructions.

Rock walls or Stonewalls that are strong and durable. We offer all rock types and finishes, from bluestone, sandstone, excavation rock for mortared walls, dry stacked walls or engineered walls. Rockwalls Canberra is a section of Retaining Walls Canberra, a local retaining wall business, servicing the ACT in all areas of supply and construction of retaining walls for the past decade. Our clients are local home owners and developers with property interests in Canberra.

rock walls

Curved Standstone retaining wall.

Specification for rock retaining walls

  •  Wall 600mm and above must a footing
  • Footings – Compacted base or concrete
  • Wall starts 100mm below ground level
  •  Minimum thickness of wall 300mm
  • Face of wall stone with concrete backing pieces
  • 200mm wide of aggregate behind wall for drainage
  • Weep holes Drainage
  • Drainage line behind wall (agi line)
  • Mortared or dry stacked walls

Dry stacked Rockwalls 

  • Specification as above
  • Dry stacked rock wall have no face mortar joints

 Mortared Rockwalls 

  • Specification as above
  • Rock walls with a 20mm face mortar joints.

 Rock pitching

  • Generally for engineered specification for walls over 1 metre in height.
  • Dry stacked wall or with a 20mm face mortar joints.
  • Rock pitching can be on new or existing concrete wall.

Rock Walls stone

    • Sandstone Walls
    • Bluestone Walls
    • Wee Jasper Stone Walls
    • Excavation Rock Walls 
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